Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness (2022) - Watch Online Free
Season 1 / Episode 7
Dancing in Autumn Colors

Category: Comedy Slice Of Life

Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness (2022) - Watch Online Free<br/> Season 1 / Episode 7 <br/>Dancing in Autumn Colors

A new artisan, Kisaichi Hiiro, arrives at Ryokushou. Enchanted by artisan Tatsumi Masa's sculpted sweets, Hiiro decides to become a wagashi artisan herself. However, her overly serious mindset and perfectionism cause her to lose sight of her surroundings and to make mistakes. She becomes despondent, then Masa teaches her about the spirit of an artisan. Amidst all of this, due to a whim of Nagomu's, Ryokushou holds a "Hands-on Wagashi Class" at the elementary school Itsuka attends.

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