Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness (2022) - Watch Online Free
Season 1 / Episode 11
Is It Good

Category: Comedy Slice Of Life

Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness (2022) - Watch Online Free<br/> Season 1 / Episode 11 <br/>Is It Good

Nagomu is laid up in bed with a cold, and as his consciousness grows hazy, he remembers a senpai from his school days who went off to Tokyo to chase a dream. That night, as Itsuka tends Nagomu, she glances up through the window and sees snow fluttering down. Snow on the day before Valentine's Day. Seeing the snow piling up on the ground, Itsuka is reminded of the day when she was first left in the people of Ryokushou's care. Itsuka doesn't have good memories of snow. Nagomu makes some new ones with her, building snowmen.

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