One Piece Film: Gold (2016) Watch Online Free

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One Piece Film: Gold (2016) Watch Online Free

The Straw Hat Pirates head to Gran Tesoro, a large entertainment city-ship ruled by Gild Tesoro. After entering an entertainment venue where Tesoro and his colleague Carina are performing, the Straw Hats defeat an enemy pirate crew and land on Gran Tesoro, where they are welcomed by a concierge named Baccarat. Baccarat offers to give them a VIP stay on Gran Tesoro due to their fame, and drives them to the city's most prestigious hotel. The Straw Hats then go to a casino to win money, and their luck allows them to win every game they play. Baccarat then takes them to the VIP lounge, where they have the chance to become millionaires. The Straw Hats are initially successful in this room as well, and Gild Tesoro then arrives to challenge them to a dice game. However, Baccarat takes away Luffy's luck with her Devil Fruit powers, causing him to lose.

Tesoro demands the Straw Hats' money, but the Straw Hats resist him due to finding out about Baccarat's cheating. Tesoro and his executives, Baccarat, Tanaka, and Dice, retaliate with force, overwhelming the Straw Hats. Roronoa Zoro attacks Tesoro, but Tesoro reveals that he has the ability to manipulate gold, and encases Zoro's legs in gold due to Zoro's body being covered in gold dust. With Zoro as his prisoner, Tesoro gives the Straw Hats a chance to repay their debt by 12:00 the next night, threatening to execute Zoro otherwise.

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